/Easy Gifts For the Biker in Your Life

Easy Gifts For the Biker in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for the biker in your life? No matter what price range you’re dealing with or type of hobbyist you’re shopping for, the perfect gift is just a click away. When you’re at a loss for gift ideas for the cyclist who has everything, we have you covered with five of the best and most unique bicycle gifts.

1. An Electric Bike

MetroCross (Low Step) ($1,299)

Give your fearless rider that extra power they need for long commutes when you gift an electric city bike or off-road e-bike! An e-bike is a great gift for bikers accustomed to traditional bikes because it offers a whole new type of riding experience. Many of our e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 19 miles per hour unassisted, or 22 miles per hour with pedal assistance. They’re safe for all weather conditions, and comfortable for riders between 5’2″ and 6′ feet tall. And, when you consider the many e-bike health benefits, you’re investing in more than just a fun ride.

2. An E-Bike Conversion Kit

20.8 Ah Samsung Ultra E-Bike Kit 24 Volts 250 Watts | 250 Series ($899)

If you can’t quite make the investment in a full-fledged e-bike, there are more cost-effective gifts for the bikers on your list. For example, our electric bike kits cost a fraction of what you’d pay for a complete e-bike, but afford you the same capabilities. They’re easy to install, and each one is equipped with a motor that lets you reach speeds of up to 19 miles per hour unassisted (depending on the model). The parts are easily replaced, so your cyclist won’t need to swap out their whole bike if one component fails after a few years. The batteries are removable, so the rider can charge on the go!

3. Bicycle Tool Kit

If your friend or loved one already has a bike that they love, or you’re looking for a simple gift for the cyclist who has everything, a bicycle tool kit can be a real lifesaver both in the garage and on the open road. Just make sure to invest in an all-inclusive kit with essential tools like a poker tool, a hex key wrench set, and a chain cleaner brush. It’s one of the most affordable yet useful gifts for bikers.

4. Cycling GPS

For someone who loves to cycle long-distance, a cycling GPS device may be the ultimate bicycle gift. It hooks right onto the handlebars and offers a brightly illuminated display suitable for all lighting conditions. It also saves the rider from having to drain their phone battery while out on long treks. Look for a model that offers automatic route downloads, excellent battery life and a waterproof design.

5. An Electric Scooter

7.8 Ah 350 Watt CrossFire Electric Scooter ($299)

Are you shopping for a university student? A local commuter? Someone who loves to cruise the downtown district? If so, an electric scooter may be the perfect alternative to other bicycle gifts. Leeds Bikes has electric scooters for college and commuting, and our e-scooters even work on hills. Their batteries can last up to 15 or 27 miles, and are all made in the USA. Best of all, they’re portable. When your rider is finished with their commute, they can just fold up the scooter and go about their day.

Did we miss your favorite gifts for bikers? Let us know!

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